Pre-Ride Inspection
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Before you wrap a leg around your bike, we encourage you to take the time to check a few things. Its well worth the few moments you will spend making sure your bike is road ready.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ride in or give us a call at (662) 349-1099 and we can answer any of your questions.


An acronym for a simple but thorough pre-ride inspection plan created by the internationally recognized Motorcycle Safety Foundation®. Initially this may seem like a long list, but soon customers will find that keeping track of these items will become second nature, kind of like a pilot doing a preflight inspection.

Who would want to fly with a pilot who didn’t check his or her plane? These are the same steps that the Harley-Davidson Service Consultant takes when a motorcycle comes in for a service visit. Just remember those six little letters: T-CLOCS!

T = Tires, Wheels & Brakes

  1. First, make sure the tires are properly inflated. Refer to the Owner’s Manual for load ratings and inflation information and use a tire gauge to check the numbers.
    1. Improperly maintained tires can cause unsafe conditions and reduce tire wear.
  2. Check the tires’ tread depth, and look for signs of wear, bulging or embedded objects.
    1. Take a good look at the wheels - check for cracks in cast wheels or bent spokes; make sure the rims retain their shape.
  3. Finally, apply each of the brakes, one at a time, to make certain they’re functioning properly.

Air pressure > Tread > Spokes > Bearings > Brakes

C = Controls

  1. Look at the controls. Check all of the levers and pedals for damaged parts or loose mounts.
  2. Make sure the cables are in good condition.
  3. Check the throttle to be sure it moves freely.

Levers > Switches > Cables > Hoses > Throttle

L = Lights & Electric

  1. Look over the lighting equipment. Take a good look at the headlamp’s high- and low-beam operation;
  2. Check the taillight for operation with the brakes;
  3. Test the turn signals and check the mirrors.
  4. Make certain the wiring doesn’t interfere with the steering and that none of it is frayed or pinched.

O = Oil & Fluids

  1. Check the bike’s fluid levels and make certain there are no leaks

C = Chassis

  1. Check the frame for cracks.
  2. Inspect all of your accessory mounts.
  3. Check handlebar movement for full travel.
  4. Check the bike’s chain or belt for full tension.
  5. Check the suspension and adjust it for passenger load.
    1. The Owner’s Manual will list the appropriate suspension settings.

S = Side Stands

  1. Check the tension spring on the jiffy stand to make sure it will stay up when riding.