Battery Inspection, Replacement & Maintenance

Battery Inspection, Replacement & Maintenance
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From hard starts to no starts, Southern Thunder Harley-Davidson, has the state of the art equipment to inspect, remove, install, and test your battery and answer any questions to help you optimize the life of your battery.

Motorcycle Batteries 101:

  • A big load for a short time is the same as a tiny load for a long time
    • The bigger the battery, the more charge it can store
  • When a motorcycle is parked, the load on the battery is small but never zero
    • Given enough time, parking will discharge any battery
  • Motorcycles with added accessories, such as alarm systems, have even larger loads discharging their batteries when parked.
  • A battery discharges continuously in small internal loads called “self-discharge"
  • Self-discharge speeds up drastically as the temperature rises
  • A discharged battery can’t start a motorcycle
  • A battery discharged too deeply, for too long, may be permanently damaged
  • A battery charged with an incompatible charger may be permanently damaged
    • A battery tender provides a continuous flow of just enough energy to offset loads and self-discharge without overcharging.

Battery Tenders: Extending the Life of the Battery

Maintaining a battery can extend its life for years. The easiest way to accomplish this is to purchase and install a Harley-Davidson Battery Tender. Plugging a tender in between rides and when the bike is in storage keeps the battery charged and ready to go. H-D tenders are designed to the correct battery charging algorithm and will not overcharge the battery.


  • SuperSmart® Battery Tender®
    • This tender has a “smart” feature that turns it on and off as needed, so the battery never overcharges.
    • Recharge time is 8 to 12 hours.
    • This model comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 800mA Waterproof Battery Tender
    • The 800mA Waterproof Battery Tender is ideal for both short-term and seasonal storage, even if moisture sneaks into your storage area.
    • The three-step charging system constantly monitors battery voltage to bring the battery up to full charge and switches to float mode to maintain the charge over extended periods.
    • The vibration- and shock-resistant battery tender is reverse polarity protected and spark-proof, even when the leads touch.